Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Volcano FAIL...

Monster and I have been researching Volcanos! We finally decided to make our own and experiment with it. I put together a flour and salt recipe and thought it would work. Man was I wrong! I used a whole bag of flour too! Monster is not one for stuff on his hands so this was a great sensory activity as well.  

He covered the water bottle that was going to be used as the throat of the volcano. 

Here is our finished product. I left it out to dry and then we were going to paint it the next day. Yeah that didn't happen. When I went to check on it the whole thing has slipped down the bottle into a big pile of mess. So I threw it away and bought a kit from Mardel! Looks like we will be redoing this fail! Oh well, You live and you learn! 

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