Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Medieval Times Feast

Monster is in a Medieval Times class at his co-op that we attend on Fridays. This week will be our last class until the new school year starts! Last week they had their feast. It was so great. Families were welcome to join in on the fun. The kids acted as servers, actors, jesters, and we even had a lady of he house. I am so glad we ended up putting Monster in this class. He has really enjoyed it and the teacher has been amazing!

They made gingerbread men as a treat. 

Tasting a drink that was from that time period (without the alcohol of course! )

Eating a cubed cheese! This was a big deal. He has NEVER eaten a cubed cheese! He won't eat any other type of cheese other than sandwich cheese because he swears it's different! I know it may look like he doesn't care for it but he ate TWO big cubes of it! 

Monster was an actor and a server! He did a great job! 

Monster performing a Medieval Times dance they learned! 

Acting out the story of David and Goliath! Him and another boy were the two scared soldiers who gave their armor to  David. 

The actors taking a bow. They did such a great job acting out this little story! 

* Earth stickers are placed to protect the children who do not belong to me :) 

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