Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We went back down to Houston for Easter! DH is in London for work so we figured we might as well go and spend Easter with my family. Even though we pretty much just got back!

L and her crazy hair on the trampoline! Poor kid kept saying "it won't stop!" 

L and Monster playing in the water table from Step2. 

Noah painting with water! I was trying to keep them entertained! 

Monster riding around! 

Getting ready to dye eggs! 

All done! 

Their Easter baskets! 

Trying to get Monster to try a Jello egg. My mom makes them almost every year and he has had them before but he acts like he never has.... although I do think the last time he had one was right after he was a year old! 

N and E


Made his harder to get to! 

Playing with bubbles

It was such a fun Easter! I was also very excited that at lunch Monster was telling the younger kids what Easter was all about! Telling them that Jesus died for our sins and that he was put in a tomb but on the third day rose again and that was why we celebrated Easter! I was very happy to hear him sharing it even if they are too young to understand him now at least I know he understands why we celebrate! 

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