Friday, June 14, 2013


Summer is here in Texas and in full heat! It has been hot! We have been spending a ton of time at our gym ( Lifetime Fitness ) at the swimming pool! This week we have had VBS in the morning and then we head over in the afternoon! Monster is getting braver about his face going under water and I am hoping that by the end of summer he will be swimming on his own. Here are some pictures of fun in the sun!
I love my blue eyed boy! 

I love his eyes in the sun! The blue of the pool helps brighten them up too! 

I know this one looks like he is too close and I held my breath when he jumped but he was fine. I told him if he wanted to jump in he HAD to jump farther out! 


My water boy! 

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The Zookeeper said...

Here in NC its been very hot too we have hit the pool often! Looks like your little guy has had a ton of fun in the pool!! Following you from a comment on Upside Down Homeschoolings Facebook page!! Feel free to follow me back!