Friday, June 14, 2013

Monster Graduated!!!!

Well my computer got a virus and had to be wiped clean. Thankfully I am up and running again! So here is what has happened in the last month! 

This cutie pie.... (please ignore the mess of hair on his head!) 
Graduated from Kindergarten! 

His hat did not fit his huge head! lol We had to just place it on the back part! 

They were performing a song! 

Him and his teacher! He got an award for being a great story teller and a ready reader! 

What is favorite thing about Kindergarten was! 

My big kid! 

Monster and his teacher! She was great!!! 

Us! He looks so big! 
I love that we got this experience with him. Although next school year we will begin homeschooling, I am very thankful he had such a great year in our Charter school! They were awesome and his teacher was amazing! 

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