Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Playing catch up

We have been super busy these last few days. i  have not been taking pictures nearly as much as i normally do because we got a new computer and I could not get my pictures to download to it. Thankfully we still have our other computer so last night I hooked it back up and uploaded pictures there! We have been doing lots of work so that Monster can take a week off at Christmas. However, I just don't feel like what we are doing is the best way to be handling his learning needs. So I am in the process of researching new ways ( more hands on) and we will begin incorporating those into our day. Yesterday we tried going to our library to work and it worked for a little bit, then it became too distracting. We left and went to a park instead for an impromptu photo op. Here in Texas the weather is cooling off and leaves are somewhat changing colors. So I wanted to get some shots of Monster in a "Fall" setting. Here is what I got.

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