Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zoomtool (REVIEW!)

Awhile back I won an awesome giveaway. I just haven't been able to do much with it because our weather has been so random. We finally got a pretty weekend so I got the very neat item out and let Monster play!
The Product is called Zoomtool. I really didn't get it at first but now that I won these I love them! The set that we got is called Crazy Bubbles. It came with a bucket of different size sticks and balls. You put them together to make your own shapes or the booklet it comes with has tons of ideas in it to make shapes. We made the 3-D Triangle to play with. Monster loved it! This is a really neat product!
Monster was having a blast. He played with this for more then an hour and then came back to it the next day as well to play some more!
I love this shot! You can see the bubble solution just hanging out on the shape!
We actually had a windy kind of day so the wind kept making the bubbles blow!
His face is so funny in this one to me!
Watching the bubbles blow with the wind!
I love this! I will keep this out now that we have played with it and figured it out! I want to order some more too! Now that we are going to homeschool, I also want to get their other neat sets.
These are on my to get list next:
Creator 1 $59.00 - great starter kit!
I wish these guys were going to be at our homeschooling convention this weekend! I would be all over these!!
* I was not given any compensation for this review! I won the product awhile back in a review and wanted to share it with my readers! Please check out their awesome products!

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