Monday, March 11, 2013

The Storymatic Kid Game & Review

I was recently given the chance to review a very fun game from Imagine Toys with Monster! We got the game, Storymatic Kids, in the mail and were very eager to play.
One of the first things I noticed about this game is there are many ways to play this game!
1.  You can use this as a writing prompt for your child.
  •         I love this because for me this would be great to use for our homeschooling journal time. There are several cards and you can change them up and never have the same writing topic! It gives the child freedom to express their creativness. Monster is at the age right now where this is a little harder for him. He is just starting to write full sentences. So we used this the best we could and I helped him with some of his writing!
    2. You can use this game for art. How fun!
  • You could give your child a topic from the card and let them create a picture! Your child can use the cards to create a picture or an item that goes with the topic. For example: Someone with a funny name (Yellow card) A person who says yes to everything (Yellow card) got a second prize (Blue card). So your child could draw a picture of this scene or they could even create a award for this! I love to let Monster create what he feels is the perfect art for the cards!
On this one (above) Monster got racecar driver (Yellow card) someone that has been to the moon (Yellow card) and umbrella. So Monster drew a picture of a racecar driver (and his race track) on the moon, holding an umbrella! 

On this one Monster got a WILD CARD that told him to set his story on the farm (Yellow card) Ghost (Yellow card) and Smoke (Blue card). In the picture you can see that Monster drew a barn, a pig, some grass and flowers. If you look in the left top corner you can see the "friendly" ghost and there is smoke coming out of the barn! Monster said the ghost was going to get the animals out!
This is one of my favorite ways to use the game because I love seeing what Monster can come up with in his drawings!

   3. Third, you could use the cards for active storytelling.I mean what kid doesn't like to tell stories!
  • Monster loves to create stories! I am told at school he loves to tell his teacher stories. I felt this one would be great for Monster to help keep his imagination going! Monster drew his three cards and got: Someone with a strange walk (Yellow card) A daydreamer (Yellow card) and  Fortune cookie ( Blue card).Here is the story that Monster came up with:
" One day a sad boy was walking home from school and he had a strange walk. The boy saw a fortune cookie on the road so he picked it up. He opened the fortune cookie and saw his fortune. The boy was very happy because it said his strange walk would go away! The boy began to walk home and saw his strange walk went away! Then he shook his head and knew he was having  daydream. The boy was still happy because he saw what it would be like to not have a strange walk. "
I am hoping as he gets older his stories will become more elborate, however he is six now and for six that is pretty good in my opinion!
For this game there are only two rules! Easy right!
1. Your main character should change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. And it doesn't have to be a big change! Notice in Monster's story the only change was the boys strange walk went away then came back but the boys emotions changed! He went from sad to happy!
2. You must keep your main character alive!
This would also be a very fun game to play in a group setting. You could start the game off with two yellow and a blue card and start the story. Then the next child picks a blue card and uses that card to add to the story line! And so on! We have not had a chance to try it out in a group setting yet but we will the next time we have friends over!
They also give you 20 blank cards to add your own! In the box comes a little booklet and that booklet gives you so many ideas on how to create with the cards! This is a game that will never get boring! Plus, the cards will always be different so no creating the same story twice! How awesome is that!
We loved this game! I will tell everyone how great and entertaining this game really is! I was very impressed with how many ways there are to play so your child is always creating something new!  It is great for kids ages 5+
Storymatic Kids is $29.95 on their website! A great price for a game you can use in so many ways!
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